4 Budget friendly Home Decorating Tips

4 Budget friendly Home Decorating Tips

Spring has sprung and it's time to decorate your home to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Let's face it. Home decorating can be very expensive. We want to share with you how you can create the look and feel of spring in your home on a budget.


Throw pillows are essential to making your home feel inviting. What we love about throw pillows is their versatility. When mixed and matched by colors, patterns and sizes you create a unique and eye-catching style to any room. Throw pillows are very budget friendly for sprucing up the living room coach, adding an accent to the bedroom and even creating comfort on the porch. Already have pillows? Then an inexpensive but unique pillow cover will do the trick. Check out some of our pillows for inspiration.





After those long winter months your furniture could definitely use some spring-lift. Don't you think? No need to purchase new furniture when you can just cover them up with some high quality, spring colored furniture covers! Nomis Homes spring prints chairs and sofa covers will have you thinking you bought brand new furniture. 



How often do you change your bedding? Well here is another reason to change them. Did you know the color of your bedding sets the atmosphere and mood in your bedroom? Sure do. Whether you desire a fun, vibrant, happy calming mood you can simply switch up your bedding with colors or patterns that mimic nature. Check out some new releases from Nomis Homes furniture cover collection


As the weather changes, we can say that the arrival of spring is a transitional time. We need to embrace the change of the air and refresh the decor of your home! And no matter what are you celebrating we always need to take a look at our table settings and tabletop decors. Tabletop decors should look like an appetizer and of course it should not gonna conflict you budget! You can try to use colorful vases or vases with floral print!



We hope you will be using one or all of these four budget friendly tips to give your home the face-lift it needs to prepare for this season. Let us know in the comments below which one you will be trying. Shop our collection of home decors and save 15% off your favorite items. 

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